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Tampa Bay Multimedia offers audio, video and web services for television, advertising, conferences, trade shows, music productions, churches, schools, and dance performances. We can supply complete lighting, audio, projection and high definition camera systems. Tampa Bay Multimedia can switch and stream all your live events, anywhere in the world.

We have editing suites equipped with the latest in HD equipment. Our ever expanding technology department will help you with all the new technology that is flooding the market every day. With our video, web and audio departments ready, no project is too small or too large for Tampa Bay Multimedia to handle.

Tampa Bay Multimedia combines creative genius and cutting edge technology to give you the best multimedia presence for your business, band, recital, or event. We specialize in bringing your vision to life. We produce award winning material at a professional pace.

Our Audio/Visual Studios are equipped for the simplest of concepts to the most elaborate. From a solo recording artist or a full-size band, to a basic or full-scale green screen video shoot, we have the space and equipment to accommodate you and your vision.

Our Digital Signage and live streaming services are designed to help maximize your ROI. We give our clients the ability to resell ad space on digital signage and pay-per-view on live streaming.

All of our projects require a pre-planning of production prior to production. We take pride in developing your vision every step of the way.


Live Webcasting - Live Streaming

Our network infrastructure is a global, private network purpose-built to effectively distribute data and rich media content around the world. The third-generation architecture network allows for the best in reliability and scalability. Plus, it boasts bandwidth capacity and speeds found in only a handful of networks. The network consists of a ringed, redundant architecture made up of multiple 10 Gbps connections per point of presence (POP). The network also peers with over 800 major ISPs and over 14,000 ASNs which extends the network to the far reaches of the globe.


Tampa Bay Multimedia, Inc.

We can handle all of your production needs. We have placed a few samples of what we have done. If you need to see more samples of our work go to our Video Samples page. We have a great selection of videos to look at.



Full Throttle Vision TV

Tampa Bay Multimedia is now broadcasting for Full Throttle Vision TV. We will be airing LIVE every Thursday night from 7pm-8pm right on www.fullthrottlevision.com. We will be having special guests each and every week talking about current topics and other events happening in and round the motorcycle community and everything else in between. Your hosts for the show will be the Publisher of Full Throttle Magazine Tony Cianci, Editor of Full Throttle Magazine. Enjoy the show and watch close....it just might be a train wreck!

Moving Forward TV Show Watch The Latest Episode Below

Episode 126  Talking about the PMI and when andf if it goes away.

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John's Blog

Johns Blog
  • Here's a blog article about teams over plans and I that I thought was right on target for entrepreneurs and small business owners.  It was written by Daniel Priestley, the author of 'Become a Key Person of Influence.'  I thought you might enjoy it:

    Great Entreprenuerial Teams Beat Great Business Plans

    So much emphasis goes onto the importance of business planning however in my experience this matters very little to a start-up business (Unless it is raising capital).

    I have seen businesses start out with complex financial modeling, forecasts, projections and schedules, and big ticks in all the boxes from the Government Agencies who supposedly know something about starting-up. Despite all the planning they fail hard and fail fast.

    I would actually go so far as to say that the best entrepreneurs I know are quite bad at putting business plans together and tend to write notes on scraps of paper more often than they write detailed plans.

    So what is the key then… I believe it is Entrepreneurial Teams.

    Small groups of people who have an amazing ability to pull things together under all sorts of conditions. They get sales in the door, deliver upon the promises of the business, keep costs down, start early, finish late, communicate powerfully and stand strong under pressure.

    If you give an entrepreneurial team a basic idea they will find a way to create a model that works. If you give a model that works to a poor team they will find a way to create some good forecasts and projections that explain their dismal effort.

    A great team will take a simple idea like “a sandwich shop” and make it into Pret a Mange, whereas a poor team can turn a great idea into an epic flop.

    So who would be some good people to have around an entrepreneurial team?, These are some of the most valuable people I’ve always had when starting up…

    1. A graphic designer – They can create your sales forms, business cards, bang up a web site and make a tiny business look respectable.
    2. A good sales guy - Genuine, likable and can still ask that tough question “Would you like to pay with Credit Card or Cash”
    3. An office Wiz – Organised, flexible, frugal, detail orientated
    4. A mentor – Outside the business, successful, wise, been around the block and had few blood noses, available for late night chats over a drink.
    5. A visionary - big picture focused, good at delegating, hard working and can communicate the vision of the business and bring in new partnerships.

    Another view from  Mike Southon (Author of the Beermat Entrepreneur) says you can start a great team with just a few people. In his book he talks about having the 3 “cornerstones” to a business; The Sales Cornerstone, The Delivery Cornerstone and the Finance Cornerstone. With sales delivery and finance covered a small team of three can get a business well on its way.

    Daniel Priestley
    Author of Best-Selling Book, "Key Person of Influence

    I'm attending an event based on the information in his best-selling book January 31st, I'd love for you to join me.  Here's a link for discounted tickets: 

    Hope to see you there!

  • The Florida Signature Bridal Affair Summer Show will be held at the 
    The Hilton Tampa Downtown 
    on Sunday, January 12th, 2014.  
    Show Time is 12:00 noon til 4:00pm 

    The Florida Signature Bridal Affair is the largest and most exciting Bridal Show on Florida's entire West Coast- and we've been doing it for nearly 15 years!  Our Bridal Events have consistently been the largest, grandest & most exciting Bridal Shows ever held on Florida's West Coast.  What does that mean for you?   It means that our Bridal Shows are recognized by the community's top wedding professionals as THE place to be, so you meet the very best the area has to offer!
  • Full Throttle This Week.
    We will be at Jim's Harley Davidson in ST. Petersburg Fl.
    This weeks show will be their H-DSN Show.
    They will have all kind of great Harley Products on Sale.
    There will be a call in number for you to call into.
    Watch it live at www.floridafullthrottle.com or
    Either will get you there.
    Check us out live this Thursday 7pm.